His Love for Me


I really don't know how to begin or where to start.
My life is a living testimony of God's love. If he didn't love me, I know I would be on the street begging for bread or stealing from people or maybe dead or any worse than dead.

Let me make this clear to you. My life hasn't been a sin free Life, but he loved me despite my filthiness.
I was down in shallowest part of the pit in the dark not knowing where I am or who I was, but he found me.

If you know the real me, my life is a sh*t, a very big mess. But you know what he didn't cover my shame and my mess he took them from me.

So who am I?
I was a waste without God but now an asset of God

I was a ugly mess but now a reflection of is beauty

My life was a mess but now a message sent to you to tell you that you're not a mess.

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