Achieving your goals

Welcome to the year 2018, Thank God we all made it.

2017 was a year indeed to be remembered. I was a year of wonders. You are now in 2018. And for you to make this year count better than the last, you need to do better than before.

Many of us have good plans for 2018 but we don't have good ways of achieving them. It's a good thing to have plans but it's best when you have ways of achieving them.

If you plan on meeting your target the same way you did in 2017, the results you will get will be in two dimensions;

It's either you get it the same result as the last
You get worse result than the last.
Don't be scared. You just have to restructure the way you achieve your plans.

*Note this*
For your plan to be achieved at it's best, you have to have the hand of the master planner in your plans. He is the only one that can get you the most and the best of your plan.

So run the race with Jesus
Let him know of your plans
Tell him to take charge of your plans
Give him time to take charge of your life
Wait patiently and watch is plan unfold for you.

From all of us @entataineer we wish you a Happy New year and pray that God see us and all our family and friends through this year in love,Joy, peace and God's blessings.

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