You're Strong


When you're down,
When you're weak,
When you feel depressed,
When all hope is almost lost,
When it seems impossible
Your victory is near

When you're delayed,
When you seem so slow,
When you feel you're  incapable,
When it seems you can't make it,
You kept pressing on
Your victory is near

When you family despises you
When your friends are far from you
When your neighbor avoids you
When you fail yourself
You hold onto God
Your victory is near

When it's so dark 🌑
When it feels you're in the tunnel
When it is so tight
When it seems something is about to happen
You didn't look back
You're almost there

You suddenly see light from afar
You crawled slowly to it, still holding onto God
With your head bruised and your feet injured, you finally saw light and stayed in it,
That's your victory!

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