Winners Don't Quit


Downcasted and trodden, you have tried all you could to achieve something good

You read books  📚, listened to tape 📼, went for seminar, prayed and nothing seems to be changing.

It is like the more you try, the harder it becomes, the more you've persisted the longer it has become.

You are tired, really tired and you might eventually give up....


No!  It isn't over yet.
It's not over until it is over.

There's still life in you. Yes!  You've got life in you.
The secret to happiness in life, lies in the way we handle happiness. 

Hey! Smile, take a deep breath,  continue to smile at yourself and say to yourself that;

It's not over yet, because I still got life.
I'm gonna keep reading these books
I'm gonna keep listening to tapes,
I'm not gonna allow situations to control me and my thought; instead,  I'm gonna rule over situations.
I'm going to start smiling again because I'm gonna make.
I have a future and I know my future is bright.
(Take a very deep breath and smile)

Get up from where you're, start searching for opportunities and if you can't find one, create one.

Let actions follow your desires
And let your desires be rooted in determination
Your determination should be after your dream and your dream after your passion.

There's something you should know  you can't find joy in the world 🌏, you can only find happiness. And happiness does not last forever only Joy does and it can never be found on earth. There is only one place you can have joy 😁.

Jesus is the only place that will give you joy, he loves you more than you can imagine, that's why you are reading this post.

Seek for Joy in him and he will give you eternal rest.

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