Walking 🏃 🏃  on the road filled with serenity, a place of tranquility with a warm atmosphere. I could barely understand what was going on. It was subtle.

As I moved on, I asked myself; where on earth 🌐  is this place?
The road wasn't so clear to see what was ahead of me, but I kept on moving without knowing where the push came from and where I was headed for. It was actually unexplainable....

Then my brain started functioning. ( "it wasn't receiving signal to function, I guess") Lol 😂 . Where is everybody? I asked myself.

Where are the moving cars 🚖 and busy road?
Where are the beautiful houses?
Where is my friend?
"I think 💭 I need to call 📲 him" I said to myself.

There are not even birds 🐦 🐦 flying in the sky 🌈 🌈..... ( I looked up 👆 👆)

WAIT 🚏 🚏!???.....
No sky?  not even a single cloud to form a sky?  it was all an empty  atmosphere.

Filled with amazement, I reached my pocket for my cellphone 📱, but it wasn't there. 'Oh my God'....  I said.
What could this be? what's really going on here?

Finally,  I decided to take a rest from my long walk 🚶 🚶 🚶...

As I bend down to sit on the floor,
I leaped in fear 😱 and in awe. I couldn't believe what 😦 I saw.

I was actually walking on the clouds all this time.

Oh my God!!!
This must be a dream 💭 💭 💭

Yes!  I'm dreaming,
Yes I am.

It's is a dream, it is..... a (Panting heavily)
Then I was stricken by my thought 💬 💬

Am I dead?? 💀 💀 💀

No it can be, I am not dead.
I'm still alive,
Yes I'm alive. (panting continuously)

It now dawned on me, that I was .......
Immediately I realized that I was .......,
I met myself at this gate, I mean 😏  a very big gate hard to believe.

As I moved forward towards the gate, a voice spoke to me and said.. ......

Voice: Welcome!

Me: Welcome to where?
Please who's speaking?
Where is this place?
What am I doing here?

Voice: I am the guardian angel  Welcome to eternity, the place of forever. Where no one dies.

Me: Eternity?

Voice: Yes Eternity.

(Angel Appears.....)
 Your eternity would be determined by the way you lived your life while you were on earth. Though I don't know how you lived life on earth, I certainly know that the kind of life you lived on earth would determine your eternity.
Earth is a place of options and chances, the option you choose and the chances you used will decide how you will live your life in eternity.   God has given human two options to choose from.
There is the option of life and
The option of the. It is very advisable to choose life while you are still living.

Those who choose life will live an eternal life of peace, joy, happiness and every good thing you can think about, and those that chose death live an eternal life of condemnation, pain, suffering and all evil things you can imagine. That was why God almighty sent his son for an anotonement for your sins, so that you can choose life.
I hope you have chosen the right option? 'He said.

Voice continues :
Now you will be led to where you would receive your judgment..

(I started recalling how I have lived my life on earth. I was so scared 😱, I already knew where I was headed for, capital letter HELL.)

On the way to where I was going to receive my final judgment, I began to hear my name from afar, different voices telling me to come back 🔙 🔙. I couldn't bear hearing my name without answering, then I answered my name

Yes! Who's calling me?  (not knowing where I got the boldness from)
Immediately I said yes, the voice spoke to me;
Mercy has won again, your people have been praying for you. You have been given a second chance to live on earth.
Congratulations 🎆 not everyone have the opportunity to return 🔙 to earth after death. If you haven't lived a well on earth,or if you have not chosen the right option  now is the time to live a good life and choose the right option.

Immediately, everything went blank white I couldn't see anyone around me, but I could hear their voices...... Then finally, I opened my eyes and I was at the hospital bed with the doctors and nurses starring at me shouting,
It's a miracle
It's a miracle!

Then I said to myself it's a second chance.

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