Expecting And Responsibility


Responsibility is The social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force - wordweb dictionary.
The definition above can also mean your required ability needed for you to succeed in life.

Things don't just happen, we make things happen. Our actions are needed to keep the earth 🌐 running. Take for example, you are very privilege that someone bought you a car. Filled the engine with gas, rode it to your house and parked it for you. Then he hands over the keys to you and you're like "oh my God! I'm very grateful,  thank you very much.

Meanwhile, you've never held a steering in your entire life before. What will you do?  Will you just dive into the car and start driving? Because driving comes automatically; if you do that, I'm sure you are headed for the hospital.
The reasonable thing to do for anyone in that kind of situation is firstly, going to a driving school to learn how to drive and the rest is a plate of cake.

Same applies to life. You stay 💺 at a place expecting things to happen.
Yeah!  We all need a miracle and God works in a mysterious ways no doubt. But do you know that God is  not a magician 💫 💫 💫  and neither is he partial. If a miracle is to be done,  he does it on the action you've have taken that doesn't seem to work.

Even Jesus, was full of action before miracle. Take for example the history Jesus made with 5 loaves of bread 🍞 and two fishes. Matthew 14:16-21; you will see that he didn't wait for things to happen, he made things happen.

This also applies to every one of us. I am not saying we shouldn't be expectant, but we should be expectant on the work we have done. 

Take another example; you have an area of land and a seed that takes about three months to germinate, you cleared your land and dressed it for planting. You planted your seed and then what next?  You've to be expectant, you have to wait for three months or more than before you can see anything. That's responsibility and action all mixed together with patience all equals to result.

So, If you are yet to still find something  to do with your life, I pray God lead you and enlighten you to see where you can be useful for yourself and your society. 

Remember things don't just happen,  we make things happen _(Yinka)

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