The Journey of Life

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I finally got to the place of asylum. As I breathed heavily, crying after the long hassle for the place of rest and safety; I was happy, finally got one.
The struggle wasn't easy though, as I had to conquer through hunger(wasn't getting what I wanted), pain, fear, loneliness, worry and anxiety. That's just few to mention. It wasn't so easy, but I defeated them all......

As I continued to breathe heavily, with my eyes closed, flowing with tears of joy and in assurance of victory, I was elated with the shout of Joy around me and I thought in my heart 💓 "this place must be Pacific and very serene". Then with my eyes still closed and filled with tears, I made a decision to myself and a  commitment to where I am.

that "I'm gonna be Happy no matter what and  I'm gonna make this place a more better place".

And then I finally decided to open my eyes. What I saw was really a blessing.

I saw these beautiful faces smiling at me in overwhelming joy, giving me a place of tranquility and making everything around me to be in harmony.

Without hesitation, I gave back my face of joy in acceptance to the warm welcome and someone said, he's smiling.
Then I heard something........

He is a Boy!

And the shout of Joy increased more around me.
I asked myself, what's a boy? Thinking about it, I realized that I was been referred to as a boy. I smiled more.

The next graphics I saw,  seized my breathing for just a second. I saw a person, with a beautiful face and a warm smile 😊, full of tears, reaching out it's hands 👋 for me in Joy. Then I looked around the person and saw something in color of red, all around the person.

I realized that where the red was much, that was where I actually came from. Then series of questions started running 🏃  through my head. Why is this person also in tears?  Why is this person also smiling just the way I smiling?

I heard someone spoke, saying,  meet your mother.......


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