Going against the Wind 💨💨💨 (Overcoming Obstacles)

 Have you ever taken the time to notice that whenever you move forward, something always move backward.

Don't be amazed,
I noticed this while I was still a kid.

If you have the opportunity of walking on sand or riding a bike or driving a car, you will notice that there is a force or a push that does not want you to go forward especially if you're on a slope.

While walking on the sand, take a look at where you have walked on. You should notice that the sand was shifted backward for you to move forward.

In life you either move or remain stagnant. The movement aspect is in two parts i.e, moving forward or moving backward. 
If you choose to move forward, you shouldn't be shocked or afraid that you are leaving something behind. To tell you the ultimate truth, those things you leave behind or you're leaving behind are not really necessary for you to move forward.

If you are the kind of person that love to please everyone you come across, it would be so difficult for you to move forward. I guess you would love to satisfy all their needs, but human needs are unlimited which would eventually cause problem for you or even retard your movement. I do not pray this for you.

There are things and people we must let go if we're to live life in peace. And there are things we must accept if we're to continue living in peace. Your act of leaving something or someone behind is not an act of wickedness, it is an act of duty. I'm not telling you not to help someone, but you should be wise with the help you render.

Have you ever considered the force an airplane uses in taking off? Imagine the speed and resistance that it has to conquer. 

Do you know that 
an airplane would be very fast if  it travels on road? But the truth is that, it is more reasonable if an airplane is flying in the sky.

Do you still want to keep crawling when you can walk?
Do you still want to keep walking when you can run?
Do you still want to keep running when you can fly? 
and, do you still like flying when you can soar?

Think! I say.

Let go of the things that are hindering your movement. Stop and don't blame yourself for the things and people you're leaving behind or might have left behind. 
Look ahead! Be focused, don't be distracted. Life is in stages and so is your movement. 

Take for example, 
The clothes you wore while you were still a baby was not the cloth you wore when you were a teenager. And even the ones you wore when you were a teenager is not the one you are wearing now. No matter how expensive or how much you love it, you must let go of it. 

So let go and move forward.
My prayer is that we all have a positive movement and a blissful change in life. 
Amen in Jesus name.

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